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Super Trivia Wars hits the App Store!

Published by GOTDL Admin on November 27th, 2012 - in Featured, Games and Apps, Super Trivia Wars

Games on the Down Low’s latest hit, Super Trivia Wars, is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!  Super Trivia Wars is an innovative trivia game where you battle super villains by answering devilishly-clever questions. Each time you answer correctly your superhero is that much closer to victory, but if you answer incorrectly the villains will remind you how wickedly dangerous they are.


Read more here!

Download the game for FREE!

Hard8 named #2 Dice Game on iOS

Published by GOTDL Admin on November 18th, 2012 - in Games and Apps, Hard8

iPhone quality index says:

“This clever little grid-based puzzler bucks the match-three trend by asking you to match eight, instead. Clear dice from the screen by arranging them into rows which add up to the titular number. With 30 levels to perfect and three game modes to sample, you’ll be counting the hours away before you know it.”

Read more here:


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My Stuffy Christmas Reviewed!

Published by GOTDL Admin on October 25th, 2011 - in Games and Apps, My Stuffy Christmas did a nice write up of My Stuffy Christmas. An except from the very positive review:

“This holiday season, the My Stuffy Christmas app will put a big smile on my significant other’s face. When she’s happy, I’m happy, and you really can’t put a price on happiness. Luckily the My Stuffy App is free.”

Here is a link to the full review!

Of course you can download My Stuffy Christmas for *FREE* just in time for the Holidays!

My Stuffy Halloween is out!

Published by GOTDL Admin on October 7th, 2011 - in Featured, Games and Apps, My Stuffy Halloween

My Stuffy Halloween is OUT and it’s FREE!! Create your own monsters, post them to Facebook, email them to your friends and include them in tweets! This is great fun for the entire family!

My Stuffy Halloween is a universal app that works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

HellBirds is now available!!

Published by GOTDL Admin on September 4th, 2011 - in Featured, Games and Apps, HellBirds

shot1Are you tired of the birds always getting the last laugh? Well, just load up your cannon and fire those avians into the pits of hell! The HellPigs are waiting to take their revenge!

It’s not all bad news for the birds — they can still escape from the depths of Hades by clearing each level. Guide the bird with precision Accelerometer control, through the depths of hell collecting power-ups, extra lives, puzzle pieces while unwrapping bad bird souls.

Bounce, roll and guide your bird to even the most hard to reach places.

Don’t let the time run out or the Hellpigs will really make things interesting! The devious pigs have some other up their sleeves, like monster minions at the last level of hell that will devour even the fattest bird whole! Watch out for that lava and acid also, burn birdie burn!
Hellbirds Features
Beautiful Retina (iPhone) HD (iPad) graphics
20 Levels!
Secret Areas!
Tuned Accelerometer control!
shot4Advanced Physics!
Each Level has it’s own daily and all-time GameCenter leaderboard!s
Track your best scores!
Lots of Achievements to unlock!
Facebook, Twitter, Email your accomplishments!
The pits of hell await!

Hard8 gets large update also!

Published by GOTDL Admin on August 26th, 2011 - in Games and Apps, Hard8

Last month we told you about the huge update to Prize Machine, this month Hard8 gets the large update treatment!

We’ve added 16 new Puzzle levels to challenge you. That more than DOUBLES the amount of Puzzle content!

There are lots of ways to try Hard8:

Hard8 (iPhone, iPod Touch, Retina)
Hard8 HD (iPad, Ipad 2)

Check out Prize Machine also! It’s FREE!!

Prize Machine
Prize Machine HD

Prize Machine gets massive update!

Published by GOTDL Admin on July 28th, 2011 - in Featured, Games and Apps, Prize Machine

Prize Machine version 3.0 is now available for both iOS and the iPad!

Version 3.0 of Prize Machine features FOUR new locations, TWELVE new machines and HUNDREDS of new prizes!

We’ve made the city bigger, you can now scroll across the landscape and even pinch zoom to see even more details!

We’ve also added prize tickets which allow you to buy collectable items from the Ticket Exchange.  You can even buy items with your winning tickets that change the look of your city!

Best of all, the download is still *FREE*!!

Download here:
Prize Machine HD (iPad)
Prize Machine (iPhone, iPod Touch

Appolicious Reviews Hard8. 4/5 Stars.

Published by GOTDL Admin on June 25th, 2011 - in Games and Apps, Hard8

Just saw the Appolicious” review of Hard8. Here are some excerpts.

“Hard8 also does a great job of keeping track of your gameplay stats. It’ll tell you your average score and the total number of games you’ve played, along with your individual high scores for each mode.

All of this is presented in a very welcoming and bright visual package. Marquee light bulbs scroll by, and everything has a Casino-lite vibe to it.

While Hard8 might not provide the rush of a craps table, it comes close at times. It’s not gambling, but maybe it’s the next best thing. And it’ll save you quite a bit of money, too.”

Read the full review here.

Hard8 Reviewed!

Published by GOTDL Admin on May 17th, 2011 - in Games and Apps, Hard8

The reviews are starting to come in!

Touch Arcade chimes in with a nice review!

“I’m pretty hooked on this game, and I haven’t encountered much that gets in the way of my fun.”

Digitally Downloaded also likes it!

(Hard8) doesn’t try to sell you extra in-game stuff. It focuses on getting a basic idea hugely polished and extremely accessible

Please support these great sites!

Read more about Hard8!

Hard8 is ‘New and Noteworthy’!

Published by GOTDL Admin on May 15th, 2011 - in Games and Apps, Hard8

Hard8 has show up on the New and Noteworthy section of the iTunes App Store! 
In other news, a new update is being readied for Hard8 that will allow you to listen to your iPod music player during games. You will have control over which albums, playlists and songs you want to hear!

If you haven’t picked this great game up, now is the time!

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